European Beer Star

“European Beer Star” – one of the most significant beer contests in the world, in 2014 this competition will be run for 11th time. All European beer producers can participate in the contest. You can also use the opportunity and attract consumers to estimate a great variety of tastes and styles. Award “European Beer Star” is connected with original beer brands. Prizes will be given to beer brands with best characteristics, taste and quality.

Don’t miss stars 2014

A great variety of European beer brands is presented in different categories. Expert panel of judges is guided by Olympic ideals during awarding procedure. All brewers can take part in the contest: local, regional, national and world breweries from Europe and other countries.

Success history

The Contest “European Beer Star” 2013 with 1,512 beer brands from 40 countries, run by the Private Brewers’ Union exceeded expectations. Consumers consider the award “European Beer Star” to be the most significant quality mark, so this contest is extended annually.


 This award was initiated by our partner –  Private Brauereien Deutschland, Private Brauereien Bayern and SIB.

Expert degustation

First-rate and well-experienced panel of judges will test beer brands. The key criteria will be not a technological laboratory analysis but evaluation of organoleptic indicators, in other words, sense and taste. The purpose of testing, that will be performed blindly, is selection of beer brands which will match standard criteria, followed by best quality and taste. In every category, three best beer brands will be awarded gold, silver and bronze medals. Tasting will be held in the DOEMENS Academy in Gräfelfing/Munich on 9 and 10 of October 2014.

Consumer’s number one pick

Consumers can taste and estimate beer brands at the beverage trade fair Brau Beviale in Nurnberg. They choose three champions among gold medalists in case of testing “blindly”. Testing “Consumer’s number one pick” will be run within Brau beviale in Nurnberg on 11th of November 2014.

Key dates 2014

April – Registration start
30th of June – Registration, in case of early booking till 30th of June – a discount
29th of August – Registration ending
11th of September – 2d of October – supply of beer samples
9-10 of October – Expert testing
11th of November – Public testing ““Consumer’s number one pick”
12th of November – Awarding

Beer registration

Please, contact Press-Office of the Union for all information.

Sending of beers to “European Beer Star” is completed on July 28 (2017-07-06)

It bears noting that from 2017 Russian brewing companies, members of Barley, Malt, Hops and Beer Union have a right to participate in the competition European Beer Star, addressing to the Press-Office of the Union and filing registration documents in Russian. Besides, beers shall be sent to the Russian postal address of the Union and […]

Anna Zelenkova and Alexander Mordovin were invited to the Expert Jury of European Beer Star (2017-04-01)

According to the decision of Private Brauereien Deutschland, an organizer of one of the most prestigious world brewing competitions European Beer Star, the President of Barley, Malt, Hops and Beer Union Alexander Mordovin and the chief technologist of “PC Khlebnash” and LLC “Kega” Anna Zelenkova are invited to the Expert Jury of the competition European […]