Advertising of transnational brewing companies will be back to the stadiums and TV (2014-06-28)

In June 27, 2014 The State Duma Committee for Economic Policy, Innovative Development and Entrepreneurship recommended the Lower Chamber to pass the bill in the first reading concerning temporary suspension of the ban on beer and beer-based beverages advertising in stadiums, printed press and TV.

It bears reminding that our Union was the mover of introduction of the prohibition on beer advertising. According to the bill beer will be advertised on pay – TV and that is poor consolation for us.

All in all, the bill permits to place advertising during competition broadcast: sport matches, battles, games, races. And in sport stadiums it is allowed to advertise beer as well as a producing company. If the bill is approved it will be effective till 31 of December 2018.

The author of the bill is a deputy of the State Duma Igor Zotov. These actions are explained by the fact that soon there will be large sport events like FIFA Confederations Cup 2017 and World Football Championship 2018. As a rule these sport competitions are sponsored by beer producers. The bill stands a good chance to be approved by the State Duma and sent to the President early July 2014.

Why do legislators agree to return beer advertising to the stadiums and who’s behind all of this? The clear answer is billionth budgets of transnational companies. According to the estimates of our Union they spent 5,5 billion rubles on TV advertising in 2011.

So, Carlsberg, Inbev, Heineken и SabMiller-Efes won this round. The advertising permission for transnational companies is considered to be a slap towards the independent brewing business because an advertisement is a force for trading and huge sums of money will again run to the pockets of “Big Four”.

You can find the following documents by reference:

The Bill
Explanatory Note
Committee’s Conclusion
Committee’s Decision

All beer advertising as well as other alcohol and tobacco is just image-building. Many teen-agers and young people have been examined and as a result all of them are influenced by beer advertising and the level of beer consumption is increasing. For example, those who often watched beer advertisements, used almost six litres of beer per month as compared with young people who didn’t watch advertising and drank three litres of beer per month.

Besides, according to the public inquiry directed to the USA children from 10 to 14 years old, those who watched and understood the beer advertising were more positive towards beer consumption.

So, that was the spark that set the forest on fire – advertising budgets (near 15% of “beer” money were transferred to the budget).

So, if legislators make this choice, many Russian citizens will put in doubt the implementation of Anti-Alcohol Concept directed to the reduction of alcohol consumption level in the RF, approved by V.V. Putin in 30th of December 2009.

Are five billions really worth of Anti-Alcohol Concept trueness?

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  1. Максим says:

    Т.е. пиво в ПЭТ запрещают, якобы от спаивания населения.
    А теперь разрешают рекламу пива????
    А как же борьба с алкоголизацией????