The decision: to postpone the consideration of the question concerning beer advertising to autumn 2014. (2014-07-04)

By joint efforts of our Union, parties CPRF, LDPR, A Just Russia Party and also the Public Chamber of the RF directed to prevention of the return of beer advertising of transnational companies to Russian mass media and stadiums, we have got a victory. The Chairman of the State Duma Committee for Economic Policy, Innovations and Commerce I.N. Rudensky informed that consideration of the bill was put over to the autumn session.

For Union’s part we hope that the Government of the RF will share our point of view as well as public opinion, insisting on prevention of beer advertising of transnational companies. May be it will “bury” attempts of the supporters of transnational brewing business to reverse the march of history within the walls of the State Duma.

The Letter to S.E. Naryshkin concerning the prevention of beer advertising

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