Capitalization of AB-INBEV exceeded 183 billion of dollars in 2014, so who wears the pants? (2015-04-06)

According to the annual report for 2014, capitalization of AB-INBEV exceeded 183 billion of dollars and a Russian mere mortal could imagine a figure with 13 zeroes only in measuring of astral distances, for example from Moscow to Cassiopea.

Totally: rub.

Ten trillion rubles

It is little less than planned fiscal revenues of the RF for 2015 (15 trillion rub.) and it is greater than capitalization of JSC “Gazprom”, “Rosneft”, “Sberbank of Russia” and “Lukoil” together.

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So, colleagues, the year of 2014 was over with one more fantastic financial result for the largest transnational brewing company AB-InBev: the company surpassed last year result and earned 18,5 billion of dollars with turnover reached 47 billion dollars.

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Are you interested, who else has earned 18 billions? For example, in 2013 the largest company in the world – Walmart with more than two million of employees (as a comparison, AB-InBev has 155.000 employees) and turnover of 400 billion of dollars that is ten times as large as AB-InBev. Is AB-INBEV a successful earner? No, doubt. But is not clear, what product can be produced to have such profit rate that two times as much as the rate of Apple, for example. Maybe, someone shall produce the cheapest product and sell it at a highest cost.

In 2014, AB-InBev produced 458 million hectoliters of beer and beverages; among them – 41,5 billion of litres of beer that was eight times as much as all beer produced in the RF.  

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You can find an annual report of AB-INBEV by reference.

We have already told about the largest brewing company in the world and its steps to Olympus here:

And what about the largest Russian brewer – Carlsberg?

Recently, Carlsberg has also turned the cards…. what can we observe?

They produced 134,5 million of hectoliters of beer and beverages, among them – 12, 28 billion of litres of beer; total turnover was 64,5 billion of DKK and EBITDA – 9,2 billion of DKK, so expressed in dollars , turnover was 9 billion of dollars and profit – 1 billion of dollars. Carlsberg’s rate of profit was 1:9 and AB-INBEV’s rate was 1:2,5, so AB-INBEV business quadrupled Carlsberg.

Carlsberg’s annual report is here.

It becomes clear who wears pants.

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