How Tver fellow, Afanasy, decided to throw caps in bourgeois-brewers (2015-05-27)

We have seen a good deal in our long life as a public organization, but the last article about the Tver company “Afanasy” left an expression of a joke but everything was serious. We observed such black lampoon towards transnational companies for the first time.

What is this article about?

… so, Afanasy. Beer produced in the Tver brewing plant is considered to be “one of the best brewing brand”. We’d simply like to applaud the Top Management, affirming that unlike foreign companies, focused on extracting of colossal profits, Afanasy places their bets on socially-responsible business – give a job to thousands of people, fighting for high quality products and boost the coffers.     

Joy thrilled through our heart: thousands of people – 10 or 15? According to the official information from their website – only 1.000 employers. Well, we are sugared! How nice, drinking cold beer Afanasy and meditating on that fact that you’re ruling over thousands of people, though there is only one thousand. Keep dreaming! So called, Vigilante group, sponsored by honest Tver brewers, has also been mentioned in the article. They transfer five rubles from every sold bottle to Vigilante group’s treasure. And if a well-known company “Ochakovo” goes on record that they are losing five rubles from every bottle, so, look, everything is fair in the world – someone is losing 5 rubles in Moscow and others are finding 5 rubles in Tver. So, there is nothing to do in Moscow, let’s go to Tver. Afanasy advises: buying a bottle, think, where will money move: settle in bourgeois’ pockets or transfer to the federal budgets.      

What a company – joy for children, wives, mothers, fathers, Vigilante group… and budget. To our opinion, it is better to put five rubles not to Vigilante group or even five rubles and one kopek ( we, Union, are ready to pay 1 kopek/bottle to Afanasy) but to spend money for business ethic.

The Article “Our desire” is available here.

And as for Afanasy beer quality: remember, we made first steps in the contest “Russian Beer Star” and sent over 30 Russian beer brands to the Technical University in Munich. We announced winners of the contest in our article – it was surprising but transnational brewing companies placed high. We told the truth, withholding only information about companies being at the end of list. Do you wonder, what was the position of Afanasy?

Place 29 of 33 tested. Comment is superfluous. If quality is absent, it is difficult to throw caps in somebody.  

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Original examination report of Afanasy beer



  1. Михаил (Н. Новгород) says:

    В середине 90-х в Твери было самое лучшее пиво. Сейчас скорее всего полное УГ. Увы, но все местное пиво, отличающиеся отличным качеством и будучи популярным среди населения после покупки “монстрами” превращается в не пойми что…

  2. Тверь says:

    Холдинг Афанасий это зло в прямом смысле этого слова, все работники д….., но зато Ларин самый умный. Уже тот факт, что руководителем может стать простой администратор уже говорит очень многое о собственнике! Имя себе создали уже региональное, а именно просто ужасное отношение, уже все знают только негатив об этой компании. Граждане обходите стороной этого работодателя!

  3. Nekrasov Petr says:

    Все-таки интересно был ли такой инцидент, о котором упоминает г-н из Афанасия?
    Касательно пиво – у Афанасия далеко не лучшее.
    А вот идея дружины-отличная, пусть это и всего лишь PR!