VI Siberian Grain Forum will take place in July 24, 2015 in Omsk (2015-07-20)

Grain Producers’ Union organizes Siberian Grain Forum – an annual platform for information sharing between participants of the agricultural complex for the sixth time. By tradition the Forum will take place before starting of harvesting campaign in Siberian regions. This agricultural event will be held in Omsk for the second year running. It is worth noting that two important events will take place at the same time: V Field Day “Barley, Malt, Hops & Beer in Russia” (at the territory of CJSC “Znamya” (the Omsk Region, Maryanovsky district, v. Orlovka, 50 years of October st., b. 13) and XIII Siberian Agricultural Trade Fair “Agro-Omsk. Barley, Malt, Hops & Beer Union (BMBU) together with Grain Producers’ Union are organizers of the Field Day.

These events are supported by the Ministry of Agriculture of the RF and Administration of the Omsk Region.

The General Partner is Bayer

The General Partner for Equipment – New Holland Agriculture

Silver sponsors –  Limagrain and Buhler

The Governor of the Omsk Region Victor Nazarov, the Deputy Minister of Agriculture of the RF Sergey Levin, the Minister of Agriculture and Food of the Omsk Region Vitaly Erlikh, the President of the Grain Producers’ Union, the Deputy Chairman of the Social Council Pavel Skurikhin, the President of Barley, Malt, Hops & Beer Union Alexander Mordovin will take part in the events. Public speaking of foreign representatives interested in cooperation with participants of Siberian agricultural sector is also planning in the Forum.

Inspection of demonstration plots of agricultural products under “Beijing Program” – Russia and China cooperation project supported by the Ministry of Agriculture of the RF and approved by the Intergovernmental Commission for Preparing of Regular Summit Conferences of Russia and PRC. This Program is focused on production of commercial malting barley in the territory of the RF and further export to PRC and countries of Shanghai Cooperation Organization.

It bears reminding that since 2013 the Union of Grain Producers and BMBU have been cooperating in expanding of Russian export potential. They organize malting barley variety tests in order to define optimal varieties, cultivating agro-technologies and malting and brewing characteristics of tested varieties. In Parties’ view a team work will allow solving some current problems of the Russian agricultural complex: material and technical re-equipment of agricultural producers participating in the program.

Currently important topics will be discussed in the Grain Forum. In particular – current state and prospects of grain production in the Siberian Federal District, development of infrastructure and logistics system, export problems etc. Heads of federal and regional authorities, Top Managers of agricultural and processing companies, leading Russian and foreign agrarian experts, representatives of science institutions, federal and regional mass media are welcome to the Forum.

Please, address to Barley, Malt, Hops & Beer Union for detailed information:


  1. Антон, Омск says:

    Сколько лет союз пробивает тему поставок зерна в Китай, молодцы пацаны.
    И ведь добьются. Рад увидеть вас снова на Омской земле.

  2. Светлана Симонец says:

    Большинство народу треплется, ничего не делая, многие живут за счёт созданного другими,
    а нужно искать и давать людям новое – новые рынки, новых бизнес-партнёров, новых инвесторов.

    И за это – при открытии экспорта в КНР руководству союзов можно апплодирирвать стоя.
    Почитала раздел Пекинская программа у вас на сайте, впечатляет, десятки писем с автггрофами
    руководителей страны, это ж сколько времени потрачено?

  3. Петербург says:

    Дельное дело, здесь вопросов нет, только почему любя аграриев и всё для них делая, Мордовин не любит нас пивоваров, такое мнение у меня, что делает некоторые вещи пивоварам просто назло. Белые и чёрные стороны деятельности союза налицо.

    Эта маркировка пива (РФИД), ведь просили его на сайте уже – не предсказывать ничего, ведь опять сбудется.