Representatives of the Government authorities welcome organizers, participants and visitors of Beviale Moscow 2015 (2015-09-21)

Our Union began receiving first welcome letters from representatives of the legislative and executive authorities of the RF, addressed to the participants, guests and visitors of Beviale Moscow 2015.

RF Presidential Commissioner for the Rights of Business People Boris Titov notes:

Титов фото  

Beviale Moscow 2015 is a co-joint project of Russian independent winemakers and brewers, represented by the President of Viticulturists and Winemakers Union Leonid Popovich and the President of Barley, Malt, Hops & Beer Union Alexander Mordovin, with support of the largest exhibition operator “Nurnberg Messe”. It bears noting that representatives of the business community, the CIS and foreign countries have paid great interest to the exhibition from the very beginning.


The Chairman of the Council of the Federation Committee for Agrarian and Food Policy and Environmental Management Gennady Gorbunov believes that:

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Despite economic difficulties and sanction pressure, the leading agricultural Unions and representatives of international business community found an opportunity for a constructive dialogue. Representatives of the Eurasian Economic Community, Ukraine and far-abroad countries, demonstrating a bright example “business without borders” will meet at the exhibition. I’m sure that a professional constructive dialogue of participants will lead to strengthening of integration and cooperation processes, necessary for successful development of agricultural business.


The Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Committee for Economic Policy, Innovations and Entrepreneurship Victor Zvagelsky underlines a new exhibition conception:

Звагельский фото  

Beviale Moscow 2015 is a new promising project, containing various topics within an exposition and a business program, providing an opportunity for summing up of the situation in the industry, displaying the process of implementation of the Government supporting programs, Food Security Doctrine of the Russian Federation and Anti-Alcohol Strategy and making long-term contacts.


It bears noting that Beviale Moscow 2015 will start in 15 days. You can register as a visitor and get all detailed information on

Representatives of legislative and executive authorities will take part in the ceremonial opening of the exhibition in October 6, 2015 and a visit of the Government delegation led by the Minister of Agriculture of the RF Alexander Tkachev is planned for October 8, 2015. 


  1. Политолог says:

    Попович, Мордовин, Маницкая, Скурихин – организаторы выставки, известные лидеры РОССИЙСКИХ союзов. Такие сделают и делают по отдельности многое, а совместно ещё больше.

    Хороший пример, как имея небольшие бюджеты, достигать поставленных целей.

    И идея с выставкой гениальная, тут транснациональным компаниям крыть нечем. Разве что полотенцем на пляже в Сочи. И ВИПов мы всем там увидим, это факт. ВИПов6 которые придут в гости к указанным лидерам Союзов.

  2. Дмитрий, Воронеж says:

    Выставка быстро стала известной. Думаю, в следующем году будет не протолкнуться. И даже в этом году, хотя организаторам нужно сказать ФЭ, что за два месяца до начала отправлять уведомление о проведении выставки, это круто(((, кого ни спрошу – все едут в Москву.