RFID-marking for alcohol will materialize. (2015-11-02)

In July 21, 2015 our Union notified community and Government authorities of necessity to introduce RFID-marking for alcohol products, followed by minimizing of the shadow (illegal) alcohol market and occurrence of the end-to-end supervision system for alcohol flow from a producer to a consumer. Refer to http://barley-malt.ru/?p=14079&lang=en.

What is the result? No doubt, software and hardware of the system will be improved together with legislative and law-enforcement bases. Last steps of the market regulator – USAIS introduction for the alcohol retail chain, recording of information about brewing products, including small producers, reinforces our arguments completely. Will we observe RFID-marking in alcohol and brewing products and how will USAIS software and hardware be developed? Time will show.   

The Union is planning to bring a viewpoint of the brewing industry to legislative and executive authorities’ notice. Representatives of the industry can express their opinion via voting system: http://barley-malt.ru/?page_id=9014.

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It bears noting that this issue was explored by the Federal Service for Alcohol Market Regulation. The Head of the Service Igor Chuyan informed about it within the Government Commission for Alcohol Market Competitiveness and Regulation in October 27, 2015.

“We’ve been studying electronic marks for a long time – probably, these marks will be in the joint system with special marks or excise marks,” – told Igor Chuyan.

Due to low cost of the brewing products, introduction of RFID-marking is rational only for multiple packaging”. 

What is the fundamental difference between USAIS alcohol system and beer USAIS system: absence of a special excise mark. But, introduction of marking for every production unit, despite examples in world practice, would be harmful for Russian producers.

Nevertheless, data recording is one of the important factors of product tracing. In order to establish authenticity of brewing products, personalized information can be placed on counterfeit-proof labels. Marking procedure for brewing multi package can be mentioned in regulatory documents of the Federal Service for Alcohol Market Regulation. 


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