Avoiding of 2/3 of excise payments or why was “Trekhsosensky” driven to bankruptcy? (2016-05-26)

As we informed, Investigation Committee initiated a criminal case, concerning false documents signed by a deputy of the Legislative Assembly Mikhail Rodionov, followed by bankruptcy procedure of the plant ‘Trekhsosensky” having owed over 3 billion rub. due to unaccounted production. Currently, the Arbitration Court stopped a bankruptcy procedure.

It bears noting that in the mid of the last year the Investigation Committee instituted a criminal procedure against the Director of “Trekhsosensky” Mikhail Rodionov. In 2013 the Management of the plant evaded excise taxes, so regional budget lost over 1 billion of rub.

According to inspection, in 2013 the plant formally produced 2,632 and dispatched 2,630 million dL., but beer retail sales were 8,539 million dL. Near 6 million dL. (70 bottles of 100) were distributed illegally.      

In 2014, the situation didn’t become better. Taking into account formal production volumes of 3,5, the plant sold 11,76 million dL. of beer, id est. over 8 million dL. were distributed through shady schemes. The same situation was in the first quarter of 2015 – more than half of products dispatched illegally. As a result of these inspections, a shady scheme, used by breweries was uncovered.

According to this scheme, unaccounted beer was sold to wholesalers via some regulated LLC like “Piramida”, “Elegia”, “Kontinent” etc. But let’s focus on the kernel.

By the end of 2015, taxmen confirmed the debt of “Trekhsosensky” to the budget in the amount of 3,43 billion rub. As a result, asset disposal was accepted and in December, taxmen required to transfer a debt sum to a deposit account or submit banker’s guarantee. But “Trekhsosensky” tried to trigger a bankruptcy procedure. In autumn, companies involved in supplies of unaccounted products were reregistered to Moscow. As for LLC “Trekhsosensky”, it has been changing legal addresses three times, having involved an offshore company Venday as a founder.     

Taxmen considered an establishment of a “mirror” company to be an attempt to escape penalty and at the end of 2015 registration of LLC was declared illegal, but this year this decision was contravened successfully.

So, in February 2016 the plant “Trekhsosensky” triggered bankruptcy with participation of LLC “Sodruzhesto” located in Smyshlayevka village, to which the plant owed near 230 million rub. In October 2015, Mikhail Rodionov, a representative of “Trekhsosensky” and LLC “Sodruzhestvo settled out of court.  

But taxmen interfered with plans again, appealed an amicable agreement and filed a petition concerning stay of bankruptcy procedure. Soon, the Federal Tax Service put in a caveat and it was currently granted. But taxmen can hardly get a debt, the story will continue.

There are other examples of the court procedure, concerning a debt of half a billion, with participation of “M-KOM” and a meat plant “Dikom”, another pet project of Mikhail Rodionov. Then well-known LLC “Elegia” with a claim of 1 billion rub. We’ll continue to monitor events and “Trekhsosensky” getting off the hook.


  1. Дмитрий, Воронеж says:

    Достойно(((, когда миллиарды не платятся в бюджет. Не думаю, что так долго будет продолжаться. За такой размах нужна уголовная ответственность это, а не налоговая…

  2. Андрей says:

    Означает ли “Мы будем продолжать следить за тем, как димитровградцы будут с успехом выпутываться из неприятной истории”, что Союз поддерживает “достижения” Трёхсосенского? Или это “авторское мнение”, но что-то не видно подписи автора?