The Government supported Union’s request for RFID-marking of alcohol products (2016-06-06)

“The aim in 2016 is to develop the program concerning RFID-marking and complete it by 2017,” told the Deputy Chairman of the Government Alexander Khloponin, a supporter of new technologies. Besides, the Government has many interesting proposals, in the context of the “Roadmap”.

It bears noting that since 2012, our Union has been standing up for “through USAIS” and RFID-marking for all alcohol producers. In our requests to the Government and in our proposal package “Creation of the roadmap for situation stabilization and competition development of the alcohol market”, we’ve already mentioned:

 In 2013-2015 in our analytical articles “Licensing and USAIS”, “Introduction of USAIS system for production, wholesale supplies and beer import”, “USAIS and licensing – no going back”, we draw attention of representatives of the industry to consistent policy, focused on tightening of alcohol industry regulation and illegal production and circulation of brewing products. So, introduction of USAIS and RFID-marking is necessary for effective regulation of alcohol industry.

“Means required for implementation of these tasks shall be calculated.  I’m 100 per cent behind this idea,” told Alexander Khloponin.

We’ve already told about RFID system here


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