A new criminal case against Mikhail Rodionov (2016-09-05)

A new criminal case against a beer oligarch Mikhail Rodionov has been opened. Today, an investigating committee in the Ulyanovsk Region informed about a new criminal case against a deputy of the Legislative Assembly Mikhail Rodionov.

Now, a box of criminal cases was replenished by a large scale fraud. Investigators believe that from April to July 2016 commercial companies of Mikhail Rodionov in the form of LLC illegally got the government subsidy of 200 mln.rub. Money were allocated from the budget of the Ulyanovsk Region due to the forged documents submitted to the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Environmental resources.   

As it turned out, it is referred to transferring of tens of million rub. to accounts of the related companies of Rodionov LLC “M Kom” and “VSK” in May – beginning of June 2016. Both companies were involved in the previous criminal cases concerning tax default. Moreover, the founder of LLC “M Kom”, besides Mikhail Rodionov was also LLC “VSK” and the only founder of the last company was an International Company “Venday” registered in Seychelles and affiliated to Rodionov. 

Hundreds of millions of rubles transferred to the regional budget according to the Government Decree of the Ulyanovsk Region No 244-P.

Curiously enough, the Decree didn’t contain any information about subsidizing of beer production. Somebody’s strong hand amended this document. At the same time, companies “M-Kom” and “VSK” changed a kind of activity to malt production. 

Besides, even two months ago, Mokhail Rodionov tried to drive LLC “Trekhosesnsky” to bankruptcy. Thanks to the involvement of the tax policy and investigation committee, it was managed to stop this procedure.

Maybe, a new criminal case concerning a large scale fraud will be combined with another criminal case on tax default stipulated in the Criminal Codex of the RF, a point«b» part 2, an article 199. It bears noting that in 2013, Mikhail Rodionov evaded excise taxes and the state treasure lost 2,1 billion rub. and the total debt sum was 3,4 billion rub.

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