Moscow Brewing Company is the beer sponsor of the Barley and Malt Union (2012-05-31)

We are glad to inform you that the Chief Executive Officer of the Moscow Brewing Company I. Dementiev has made a decision on gratis supply of the Barley and Malt Union with alcoholic and soft drinks produced by the Moscow Brewing Company for all the Field days of the Central Black Earth Region, the Republic of Tatarstan, Mordovia and Chuvashia, in which our Union takes part together with the company-member of the Union – OOO BelAgro, as well as for degustation in the office of the BMU.

At our joint stand two brand coolers “Zhiguli Barnoe” with beer products will be placed. Members of the BMU have the right to get “Zhiguli Barnoe” beer and “Moskvas” kvass free of charge. For that end you should show a copy of the BMU Certificate verified by the original blue seal of your company.

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