Field Day “Intensive gardening, viticulture and hop production in Russia”: results, photo and video reports (2017-08-04)

Field Day “Intensive gardening, viticulture and hop production in Russia”, organized by Barley, Malt, Hops and Beer Union, Viticulture and Wine Makers’ Union and Association of Fruit, Berries and Plants Producers, took place in the village Bichevy, the Krasnodar Territory, LLC “KIS”  – a part of the agroholding “Step”. This business event was supported by the Ministry of Agriculture of the RF and the Administration of the Krasnodar Krai, with participation of the Deputy Head of the Krasnodar Krai Andrey Korobka and the Head of Rosselkhoznadzor in Krasnodar and Adygeya Victor Timchenko and focused on import phase out in gardening, viticulture and hop production.  

The Krasnodar Krai produces 40% of fruits and berries and this figure will rise in several years. By opinion of Andrey Korobka, it is necessary to increase production of fruits by means of intensive technologies in order to get yield for a second year after establishing of orchards but not five years after as earlier…

It bears noting that over 400 leading Russian and foreign scientific and genetic institutes, breeders and seed growers, fruit and berries producers, wine makers, brewers and cider producers took part in the Field Day.  

Field Day Program contained current issues, concerning the development of viticulture, gardening, hop production, state regulation and the Government support and supervision.

Much attention was paid to production and circulation of wine, fruit – berry, brewing, cider, poire and mead drinks.

Hedgerow gardening system, demo plots, industrial sowing of malting barley, corn, sunflower and agricultural equipment have been demonstrated to participants of the Field Day. Companies for elevators and storage equipment, chemical protecting agents, plant and seed growing presented their products. 

Representatives of agricultural sectors were awarded Notes of Acknowledgement.

Благодарности Министерство сельского хозяйства РФ

Игорь Викторович

президент, Ассоциация производителей плодов, ягод и посадочного материала, Тамбовская область

Сергей Васильевич

генеральный директор, ООО «Моя мечта», Ставропольский край

Борис Геннадьевич

исполнительный директор по растениеводству, АО Агрохолдинг «СТЕПЬ», Ростовская область

Артем Владимирович

заместитель главы, КФХ «Оскар», Краснодарский край

Андрей Иванович

заместитель генерального директора, ООО «Торговый Дом Агрохолдинг «Степь», Краснодарский край

Благодарности Комитет  Совета  Федерации  по аграрно-продовольственной политике и природопользованию

Аверин Константин Михайлович

генеральный директор, АО Агрохолдинг «СТЕПЬ», Ростовская область

Колесник Андрей Николаевич

директор, Предприятие  «Победа» АО фирмы «Агрокомплекс» им. Н. И. Ткачёва, Краснодарский край

Микунов Геннадий Иванович

Первый заместитель директора по производству, АО «Агрообъединение «Кубань», Краснодарский край

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