In the USA beer helps to build and live… as well as to win elections (2012-08-20)

One of the little secrets of the White House political kitchen was discovered on Tuesday 14.08.2012 at the meeting of the US President Barack Obama with voters in Ohio. It turned out that the head of the country continues not only brewing his own beer in his capital residence on Pennsylvania Avenue, 1600, but also store it for election trips around the country.

The fact that Obama has bought a mini-brewery with his own money and set it in the White House became universally known last fall, when the President treated the American sergeant who was decorated a Medal for Courage to his beer. We now know that the domestic beer production has ridden out the global economic crisis and still pleases the first family of America.

On Tuesday one of the inhabitants of Knoxville, Ohio, where Obama met with voters, asked how the White House brewery were getting on. The President asked his assistant to bring bus a bottle and gave it to his happy compatriot. The company label “White House Honey Ale” left no doubt where the amber drink was brewed.

Naturally, after that journalists started asking the White House spokesman Jay Carney questions on a beer theme. He revealed that the White House continues to brew both larger and dark beer. “I’ve tried only lager, it refreshes well,” – Carney admitted.

Earlier the assistants to the President told that his mini-brewery produced several varieties of beer, but each of them – with honey additives, including “Honey Lager” and “Honey Porter”. Honey for beer is collected from the beehive in the garden that was dug up by the US First Lady Michelle Obama. They say that sometimes the mother-in-law of the President works in the garden. In general, they are an ordinary family.

Obama has never hidden his love for beer. For example, he openly enjoyed “Guinness” during his visit to Ireland and several times he made beer-box bet with the leaders of other countries regarding the results of sports matches.

During his campaign trip to Ohio, he also did not deny himself the pleasure of enjoying a glass of beer. That was not the White House beer, but the beer from the local pub called “Gas Station” in the city of Cedar Falls, where he continued his meetings with voters.

Thus, Obama will be remembered not only as the first dark-skinned President of the United States, but also as the first host of the White House who opened a mini-brewery. It is known that the first American Presidents, including George Washington and Thomas Jefferson were also big fans of this drink and they produced it for themselves in their own breweries. But unlike Obama they did in their estates.


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