In 2012 malting barley import to Russia amounted to 500.000 tons – what should we expect in 2013? (2013-02-12)

According to the customs statistics malting barley imports to the Russian Federation for the year 2012 totaled about 500.000 tons. Detailed information can be found on the BMBU website:

Argentina was predictably the leading supplier. For example, in May Argentina delivered 71.000 tons of barley to Russia.

The geography of deliveries is surprising: there is even Mongolia among the countries supplying malting barley to Russia.

38 tons delivered from Germany in April as commercial malting barley suggest that someone delivered two trucks of a variety that was not included in the State Register of Selection Achievements for the purpose of later reproduction.

How will the situation develop in 2013? Unfortunately, the situation is precarious. According to BMBU information the first contracts for malting barley supply have already been signed and the first barley lots are delivered through the Baltic countries’ ports with further transit through Belarus to Russia.

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