New BMBU member – ZAO AGROIMPEX (representative of OAO Belsolod) (2013-03-25)

Dear Colleagues!

We are glad to inform you that the management of the company ZAO AGROIMPEX (CJSC), Moscow, which is the representative (exclusive dealer) of OAO Belsolod (OJSC), the Republic of Belarus, on the territory of the Russian Federation, has decided to join the Barley, Malt and Beer Union.

In accordance with the tasks assigned to the Eurasian Economic Commission (EEC – Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan) on formation of international economic organizations, establishment of a common customs territory for its member states, development of a common foreign policy, tariffs, prices and other components of the common market, the unification of EEC representative companies in the framework of non-profit organizations (unions) activities is of particular interstate importance.

General Director Strinkevich A.L.
Address: 111402 Moscow, ul. Ketcherskaya, d.16, tel: +7(495)518-08-71, fax: +7(495)375-00-26.
Representative office in Belarus: 220113 Minsk, ul. Melezha, 1-511, tel: +7(375)17-290-75-98, 237-35-24.;

OAO Belsolod is one of the leading enterprises for malt production. High quality of malt allows the company to work successfully in the markets of the Republic of Belarus, the Russian Federation, Ukraine, Moldova, the states of Central Asia and the Caucasus for over 20 years.

The reconstruction with participation of the company BÜHLER held in 2010 allowed to introduce modern efficient equipment of international standards and to increase production capacity up to 130 thousand tons of malt per year.

OAO Belsolod is working on the development of raw material zone, strain renovation with modern seeds of intensive type of European selection.

In December 2012, after commissioning of a new elevator produced by the company RIELA, barley and malt storage capacity increased up to 200 thousand tons per year.

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