New BMBU members – enterprises of the Russian brewing business (2013-03-27)

Six months have passed since the time when BMBU began to accept the company of the Russian brewing business to the Union. At the moment the following brewing companies are BMBU members:

– OAO “Cheboksary brewery “Bouquet of Chuvashia” (OJSC)

– OAO “Bryanskpivo” (OJSC)

– OAO “Bulgarpivo” (OJSC)

– OAO “Vyatich” (OJSC)

– OAO “Stavropol brewery” (OJSC)

– ZAO “Agroimpex” (CJSC)

– ZAO “Ipatovsky pivzavod” brewery (CJSC)

– ZAO “Kamensky Brewery” (CJSC)

– ZAO “Lipetskpivo” (CJSC)

– ZAO “Romanovsky Produсt” (CJSC)

– OOO “Braumaster” (LLC)

– OOO “Drugoe Pivo” (LLC)

– OOO “Yeletskoe pivo” (LLC)

– OOO “Koniks” (LLC)

– OOO “NRG Kolos Corporation” (LLC)

– OOO “Pivnaya Kompania” (LLC)

– OOO “Sibir” (LLC)

– OOO “Udacha” (LLC)

– Brewery “Bamberg”

Production capacities of the breweries joined by the BMBU are about 100 million dal or 10% of Russia’s beer production.

We express our appreciation to the owners and management of the breweries and we assure that BMBU was, BMBU is and BMBU will be an organization that adequately represents the interests of all links of the production chain “malting barley – beer” at the level of the Russian legislative and executive power, as well as in the international arena.

For today we have become one of the major unions of the Russian Agricultural Complex and this is a reason for pride. We invite companies of the production chain “malting barley – beer” to join BMBU – working together we will be successful.

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