Russia: Winter barley harvesting starts in southern regions – Newsletter No. 25a (2013-06-21)

Russia, one of the world’s key wheat exporters, has started the winter barley harvesting campaign in its southern regions of Krasnodar and Stavropol, responsible for the country’s largest grains production and cereal export via the Black Sea, Business Recorder reported on June, 16.

Russia, historically the third-largest wheat exporter in the world, targets a large grain crop this year to replenish stocks after last year’s drought and to boost its exports.

The harvest campaign in the Krasnodar and Stavropol regions began early, ten days ahead of the plan, the Agriculture ministry said in a note on June, 14. These regions have harvested 148,300 tonnes of grain from 27,700 hectares, with yields at 5.28 tonnes per hectare, up from 2.98 tonnes at the start of the campaign last year. Massive harvesting of other grains in the southern and north Caucasus federal districts was expected to start in the last ten days of June.

As to the spring grain-sowing campaign, the country sowed 0.2 percent more grain than planned, on acreage of 30.4 million hectares by June 13, an annual increase of 505,000 hectares. Spring wheat sowing was completed on 98 percent of acreage, or on 12.6 million hectares, due to late spring in Siberia. The agriculture ministry expects Russia’s 2013 grain harvest to rise a third to 93 million tonnes, including up to 54 million tonnes of wheat.

Russia’s barley export prices fell last week as the start of the harvest campaign increased offers of the new crop, analysts said, adding that the first cargoes would arrive in the Black Sea port of Novorossiisk by the end of June.

Exports of barley, second in volume to wheat among Russian grains, could help increase overall grain exports this year.

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