EU: Highest prices for alcohol in the EU registered in Finland – Newsletter No. 27a (2013-07-05)

Finland has the highest prices for alcohol in the EU, 75% above the average, while Bulgaria has the lowest, according to latest figures.

The Eurostat survey based on 2012 prices, published late last week, found that Ireland has the second highest prices among the 27 member states, 62% above the average, followed by Sweden and the UK. Of non-EU countries, within Europe, Norway pays the most for alcohol, with prices 188% above the continent’s average, with Iceland second, then Turkey.

In the UK, the Wine & Spirits Trade Association suggested the duty escalator system was to blame for the country’s high prices. “Tax now accounts for 57% of the cost of a bottle of wine and 79% of a bottle of vodka,” said chief executive Miles Beale.

Meanwhile, just above Bulgaria as the lowest-priced EU countries were Romania, Hungary and Germany.

Denmark ranked top in the EU for prices on “food and non-alcoholic beverages”.

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