World: Hop acreage down but no shortage is expected this year – Newsletter No. 27b (2013-07-08)

The results for all hop growing areas worldwide for the 2013 crop were published by Hopsteiner last month. Again, there has been a slight acreage decrease, amounting to 158 ha worldwide, leaving a total acreage of 46,491 ha.

Nevertheless, the currently grown varieties, yields and alpha acid contents mean that the crop will be sufficient to meet worldwide demand, Hopsteiner experts said.

According to the report, Germany’s area planted to hops dropped by 1.6% in 2013 to 16,849 ha.

The Czech Republic reports an area decrease of 0.6% to 4,339 ha this year.

The UK hops acreage is unchanged at 1,051 ha, whereas Slovenian hop growers planted 0.9% more hectares in 2013 (1,170 ha).

Total European hop acreage is estimated at 27,936 ha this year, down 1.5% from 2012.

The US area planted to hops is 9.7% up to 14,181 ha this year.

Australian hops acreage is down 0.7% to 449 ha, whereas New Zealand reduced hops planting by 5.2% to 365 ha.

China reports the largest hop area decrease worldwide: minus 26.7% as compared to 2012, to 2,640 ha this year.

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