Russia: BMBU ranks first in terms of website traffic among trade unions of the AIC – Newsletter No. 30b (2013-07-30)

According to the statistic data collected by one of the world’s leading website traffic statistics companies, a subsidiary of, the website of our union takes the 2.314.251 place in terms of website traffic in the world being ahead of all the websites of the trade unions of the Russian Agro-Industrial Complex and being second only after the website of the National Dairy Producers Union, president: Russian State Duma Deputy Khayrullin A.N., place: 1.953.871.

Per total traffic of the Union website (, the Conference website ( and the Field Day website ( we head the list of the AIC unions.

Places of honor in terms of the world website traffic also go to: – Russian Grain Union: 2.532.666 – Union of Russian Brewers: 2.441.748

Website of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation takes the 528,353 place in the world statistics.

Considering that the union website is not yet two years old we believe this figure is worthy of respect. We thank the staff of the union, our programmers and, first of all, we thank our site population. We will strive to delight you in future with information on current issues as well as work on the formation of effective relationships among participants of the “barley – beer” production chain. Newsletter 30b July 25 - July 28, 2013 2013-07-30 13-52-50

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