Savchenko Ivan Vasilyevich


Academician of the RAAS, Doctor of Biological sciences

Vice-President of the RAAS

Date of birth: October 8, 1942, the Voronezh Region, Kantemirovsky district.

Education: Moscow State University

Work Experience:
1967 – 1998 – has been working in All-Russian Fodder Research Institute during the period of 30 years as a junior research assistant, PG student, senior research assistant and chief of the plant geography laboratory;
From 1998 – the Russian Academy of Agricultural Science
Position: Head of the Department, scientific secretary and academic – secretary of the Plant Growing Department;
From 2010 – Vice-President of the Russian Academy of Agricultural Science, a curator in plant growing and plant protection.
Ivan Vasilyevich is a well-known research scientist of forage lands and an organizer of research activities in plant growing.

The main part of the tractates is devoted to the theoretical and experimental study of modern effective methods of forage lands conditions and their zoning for the purpose of development of the strategy of rational using and monitoring of the pasture ground and haymaking.
Research results were printed in journals of the Academy of Sciences, in the industrial magazines and collections. He published over 200 releases reflecting eco-biological problems of the grassland culture and pastoral farming. He is an author of many methodologies and instructions and one of the creators of the “Genetic Resources Law”.

Was awarded silver and bronze VDNKh medals for researches in the field of the grassland science, the title of the Laureate of the State Prize of Kalmyk ASSR. He is a Presidium member of the Russian Academy of Agricultural Sciences, a member of the Editorial Board of the following journals: “Agricultural biology”, collection “Plant Biology” and “Forage seed production”, “Agricultural Science of Euro-North-East”, the Chairman of the departments of the Russian Academy of Agricultural Sciences “Grassland farming”, “Drought tolerance of the plants”, Equipment and mechanical devices for experimental works in plant growing. Was elected an academician of the Ecological Academy, a member of the Dissertation Council of All-Russian Fodder Research Institute.
Ivan Vasilyevich pays much attention to solving of top-priority problems in plant growing and plant protection of the country.

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