Expert Council of the Union «Barley, Malt, Hops & Beer in Russia» (2013-12-09)

According to the proposal of the Federal Service for Alcohol Market Regulation on necessity of expressing an opinion of the members of the Union upon topical issues and industry problems:

Union’s point of view upon topical issues and industry problems is very important for preparing measures aimed at developing and improving efficiency of the legislative and technical regulation of the alcohol market in the Russian Federation and participants – states of the Customs Union.

The President of the Union A. Mordovin decided to form an Expert and Community Council within the Union that will regard 3”K” Rule formulated over one year ago as of paramount importance:

–   Culture (of consumption)

–   Quality (of the product)

–   Control (of the Government)

Approval to delegate a representative to the Council has been already got by the Ministry of Agriculture of the RF, FSBI Gossortcommission, FSBI Rosselkhozcenter, Food-Manufacturing Industry Department), by the Federal Service for Alcohol Market Regulation, Economic Development Ministry, the Federation Council Committee on Agrarian and Food Policy and Environmental Management and also by well known industry experts: Zharkova Ludmila Petrovna, Drobiz Badim Arkadyevich, Pr. Goncharov Sergey Vladimirovich, Dr. Konrad Müller-Auffermann, Dr. Stephan Gimpel-Henning, Pr., Vice-President of the Russian Academy of Agricultural Sciences Savchenko Ivan Vasilyevich.

You can find the list of the members of the Expert Council here.

The expert report of the Union will provide the basis for the development of new legislation and correction of existing approved legislative initiatives.

We continue to form the body of the Council. The process will be completed by 31.12.2013. The companies – members of the Union have a right to delegate a representative to the Council. There are only 5 vacant positions in the Council (the total number of experts is limited to 20).

In January 2014 the Council of the Union will be convened for the first opening meeting where the short list of the Union and the Chairman will be approved. Two legislative initiatives have already come for examining by the experts: introducing of beer manufacturing authorization and amendments in excise duty policy (transfer of the beer excise duties from the regional to federal budgets).

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