Fomina Valentina Gennadyevna


Chief Technologist in OJSC “Bulgarpivo”

Education: Kazan Institute of Chemical Technology n. a. S.M. Kirov

Work Experience:

After graduating from the Institute Valentina Gennadyevna has been working in the engineering industry in Kama Complex of Plants to produce heavy-duty trucks (Production Association KAMAZ) for 11 years as an engineering technologist of the department for analyzing materials of the aggregate plant.
1994 – continued working activities as a microbiologist of the laboratory in OJSC “Bulgarpivo”. Thanks to industriousness, commitment to performance and communications skills she quickly mastered technological processes.
1997 – Soft Drinks Production Superintendent;
2003 – Chief Technologist for Beverages – Beverage Production Superintendent;
2009 – Chief Technologist in OJSC “Bulgarpivo”.

Valentina Gennadyevna is a developer of the new beer brand “Barhatnoye” (12%), kvass “Khlebny Chelninsky” and a soft drink “Give 5” that won leading positions not only in Naberezhnye Chelny market but in the market of the Republic of Tatarstan.

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