Brewer’s Day or what secrets are kept by the Russian Brewers’ Union? (2014-04-03)

We got used to the idea that the companies of the production chain “malting barley – beer” has a professional holiday – Brewer’s Day celebrated in June 7 every year.

But this holiday has been approved by the Russian Brewers’ Union in January 23, 2003 and is not legitimated.

So, for many years, the whole industry believed in it. Then came deep disappointment – the industry existed without a holiday. What can we wait from the Government? Maybe, our industry doesn’t exist, is it so?

If it is so, then holiday greetings by the Russian Brewers’ Union are considered as the highest cynicism.

Happy Brewer’s day!!

The Russian Brewers’ Union congratulates all members of the industry!

Brewing is an integral part of our history and culture and, since olden times, brewer’s profession was well-regarded and honorable.

We believe that your professionalism will become a guarantee for further development and prosperity of the native brewing.

We wish your family and you strong health, happiness, peace and pride in your work!

It is interesting what else has Russian Brewers’ Union kept?

Unfortunately, similar nonentities are awards for the followers of the Russian Brewers’ Union:

– The highest award: “For the Development of Beer and Beverage Industry of Russia “Amber Star”;
– The Order of Merit for the Development of the Brewing Industry;
– The Medal “The Best Specialist in Brewing”.

There are official departmental awards in the Russian Federation: the Diploma “The Best in Profession” of the Ministry of Agriculture, Certificates of Merit and Acknowledgment, the Title “Honorary Agricultural Worker”, the Medal for “Contribution to the Development of the Russian Agricultural Complex”, Notes of Acknowledgement of the special-purpose committees and also government awards.

The best representatives of our production chain “malting barley – beer” are conferred such rewards:

Studying in detail this situation together with legislative authorities, we decided to create our own professional holiday and include it in the official list – Russian Brewer’s Day.

For this purpose, according to the point 4 about Rules for fixing notable days based on the Edict of the President of the Russian Federation № 659 dd. 31.07.2013 “Concerning Notable Days and Professional Holidays Procedure” (for more detailed information), we prepared a request to the Chairman of the RF Government D.A. Medvedev about possibility of introducing a professional holiday – Russian Brewer’s day. The Ministry of Agriculture, for their part, is preparing a petition to the Government.

If we have our own professional holiday we’ll feel recognition by our Government, legislative authorities, industry and proudly pick up departmental and government awards for prosperity of the Russian brewing industry and for the development of the production chain “malting barley – beer” in Russia.

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