Seminar in Ryazan (2012-03-07)

On the 2nd of March the seminar “Production of Malting Barley in Ryazan Region: Prospects of Volume Increase, Agricultural Technology and Growing” was held in Ryazan. In the seminar the Minister of Agriculture and Food of Ryazan Region Shestakov N.I., the Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Food of Ryazan Region Vanyushin P.N., the Cereal Crops Principal Specialist of OAO Baltika Breweries Matveev I.V., as well as the heads of district administrations of agriculture, the heads of regional organizations of agriculture and the heads of agricultural enterprises and farms, took part.

In the course of the meeting 13 malting barley companies entered BMU: OOO im. Aleksashina(Ltd.), OOO Miloslavsky Barley(Ltd.), OOO Tserlevo (Ltd.), KFH Savchuk (peasant farm enterprise), OOO Dubasov (Ltd.), KFH Menshov N.V.(peasant farm enterprise), OOO Progress (Ltd.), KFH Sadjaya G.I.(peasant farm enterprise), APC Zarechie, KFH Khramov A.N.(peasant farm enterprise), OOO im. Krupskoy (Ltd.),APC Zarya, FSBI RGATU.

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