“Sun InBev”: when money makes the world go round and there is no sense of conscience… or “How can Heroes of the Great Patriotic War be offended”! (2014-04-26)

The company “Sun InBev” turned out limited edition of premium beer “Sibirskaya Korona” in new collectors’ package – “Heroes of the Great Patriotic War” devoted to the heroic deeds of our compatriots during II World War. A new lot will hit the market Russia-wide from the beginning of May 2014. Brewers’ idea created little stirs for Omsk veterans. Moreover this way of patriotism demonstration was regarded as blasphemy.

It is wrong to place Heroes of the Great Patriotic War on alcohol cans. It is a promotion stunt for making money off the veterans. Such things must be suppressed. I’d like to advise people not to buy beer in mentioned containers,” stated Valery Titov, the Head of the Municipal Veteran Organization.

I’ll not comment on project of “Sun InBev”, published feedback speaks for itself. I’m ashamed of you, representatives of transnational companies. I’m deeply sorry to all heroes, veterans of the Great Patriotic War and citizens of our country for the offence which the company has caused.”

The President A. Mordovin


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