Many-headed Hydra of the transnational brewing business. (2014-06-10)

In the course of the visit of the President of the Union A. Mordovin to Lipetsk, the independent brewers of the Black Earth Region presented a gift for our Union in June 6, 2014 – a caricature displaying ways of working of transnational brewing companies in the member – states of the Eurasian Economic Commission: the Republic of Belarus, the Russian Federation and the Republic of Kazakhstan under the guise of “sub-unions”: the Brewers Guild of Belarus, Brewers Union in Kazakhstan and “Russian” Brewers’ Union controlled by “Big Four” (AB INBEV, CARLSBERG, HEINEKEN, EFES — SAB MILLER).

Please, accept our best thanks. Mentioned caricature was placed to one of the central positions in our office in the Ministry of Agriculture.

Reasons for existence of puppet Unions?

All three Unions are puppet, created and financed by “Big Four”, covering up their activities and demonstrating protection of interests of the Russian, Belarus and Kazakh brewing business as well as agricultural producers.

There is only one real alternative Union in Russia – Barley, Malt, Hops & Beer Union.

Using law awareness of the legislative authorities of the Eurasian Economic Commission, “Russian”, “Kazakh” or “Belarus” Unions send them various letters and the bureaucrat considers given position as proper, clear and real.

Besides, since the companies standing up for these Unions are the same, their position is always similar. For example, when at Eurasian Economic Commission level three Unions stated their common position concerning the necessity for using sacchariferous components and enzymes in beer production, the Heads of the Eurasian Economic Union placed a priority on their position but not the viewpoint of our Union following 3”K” Rules: Culture of consumption, Quality of the product and the State control.

The management bodies of the mentioned Unions are foreigners, they are holding meetings in English language and, for example, a basic budget of the Russian Brewers Union excluding events costs is near 100-150 million/year. What are such huge sums of money spent for? For non-governmental and commercial organizations or sponsor money under “consulting” agreements?

Certainly, for political activities. Mentioned Unions send letters to the Government of the Russian Federation, the Republics of Belarus and Kazakhstan and also to mass media – all this done in order to improve positioning, to get guaranteed super-profits and to brainwash people for the purpose of attracting attention to their poor quality products.

Moreover, some members of these Unions are included into the expert and community councils of the legislative authorities (in Russia: the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the Ministry for Economic Development, the Federal Service for Alcohol Market Regulation) and by our opinion this fact is unacceptable. Imagine, Gasprom, Rosneft and a couple of Russian oil and gas companies create their Union and on behalf of oil and gas producers of the USA send letters with threats, concessions etc., to the Senate and the President. It’s a pity such is the case in Russia.

You can download high-resolution image here.

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