Benefits of Membership

Benefits of Membership for malting barley producers

  • The possibility of obtaining grants from the federal budget for
  • the purchase of malting barley seed;
  • Special prices for fertilizer and plant protection;
  • Possibility of receiving compensation from the federal budget in case of collapse in prices for malting barley;
  • Delivery of quality seed directly from the breeder, or through a limited and checked list of suppliers. Warranty and varietal purity of reproduction;
  • Participation in the transparent and clear production chain from agricultural producers to consumers;
  • Informational support, access to new markets and participation in the annual, organized jointly with the malting and brewing companies seminars on the topic Raw Material Base for Malt and Brewing Industries;
  • The possibility of obtaining licensing agreements for any sort of malting barley with a minimum license fees and the opportunity to purchase seed of higher reproductions of these varieties in adequate quantities;
  • Getting the recommendations of the Union to confirm the reliability at the request of Russian and foreign partners.
  • Agro technological advice on the cultivation of malting barley.