Oktoberfest 2014: all interested are welcome! There are only 3 free places. (2014-07-02)

Two groups of representatives of Barley, Malt, Hops & Beer Union – 35 and 25 persons led by the President of the Union A. Mordovin will make a trip to Germany from 22 to 26th of September and from 28th of September to 2d of October 2014.The following fascinating excursion program will be waiting for participants of the trip: visiting of Bavarian seed farms, malt and brewing companies, participation in the training plant-growing workshop, a visit to the Technical University of Munich (the oldest Brewery in the world Weihenstephan, beer and hops museums) and participation in Oktoberfest on 24th of September and on 1st of October in the tent Loewenbraeu (Löwenbräu).

It is pleasant to note that 24th of September – a birthday of the President of our Union there is a tradition to celebrate this holiday together with colleagues and friends in Oktoberfest throughout the years.

Every year numerous representatives of the Union take part in Oktoberfest and every time it becomes one of the most important events. In 2013 new records in beer drinking have been set by Opalev Sergey (photo), Smolensk City and Shepetev Sergey (photo) from Orel. They covered the mark 8 litres of beer “SpatenOktoberfest”, containing 6% of alcohol!

By tradition of the Union the winner gets the opportunity of a free trip to Oktoberfest 2014! According to voting results Opalev Sergey has won!

German visa processing, air tickets, transfer, hotel, translation services are included in the cost of the trip.

As of 1st of July 2014: there is one place for the period September 22-26 and two places – from 28th of September to 2d of October.

We look forward to seeing you at Oktoberfest 2014!

Map of Oktoberfest 2014
Program of the year 2013
Photo report 2013

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