New members of the Union “Barley, Malt, Hops & Beer in Russia”. (2014-08-18)

We’d like to inform you that the company “Chemtura” became a member of our Union.

Chemtura Corporation ( is a global specialty chemicals company, with leading positions in diversified markets. 

With global headquarters in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA, the company manufactures products in 11 countries and sells products in over 100 countries.  They have approximately 3,500 employees in research, manufacturing, sales and administrative facilities in every major market of the world, with regional headquarters and shared service centers in São Paulo, Brazil; Shanghai, China; Middlebury, Connecticut, USA; and Manchester, United Kingdom/Frauenfeld, Switzerland.

The hallmarks of Chemtura businesses include differentiation through technology, investing in sustainable technologies and applications, increased exposure to higher-growth regions, an expanded global footprint and infrastructure, greater customer focus and intimacy, and stewardship of products and their use.

Chemtura AgroSolutions is a leading provider of fungicides, herbicides, insecticides, miticides, plant growth regulators and seed enhancement products with a reputation for product innovation and field service expertise.

Chemtura products protect and enhance the quality and yield of tree fruits, tree nuts, vines, vegetables, cereals, ornamentals and select row crops.

Company products are carefully formulated to enhance quality and increase yield in specialty crop markets across the globe by protecting plants from insect pests, mites and diseases, as well as eliminating unwanted weeds.

Formerly known as Chemtura Crop Protection, they renamed the company to reflect their long-term strategy, initiatives and investments that directly support new product formulations, applications, delivery and service. Chemtura AgroSolutions supports safe and efficient pest control use with a manufacturing platform focused on product quality and availability. Formulations are continually reviewed and repurposed for specific crops and geographical regions to enhance quality and increase yield.

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