The breath of China: results of the VI International Conference “Barley, Malt, Hops & Beer in Russia” (2014-10-14)

Bilateral agricultural relations of the Russian Federation and the People’s Republic of China are entering a new development phase.

“China Agricultural Bank” (“Chinaselkhozbank”) – an analogue of the Russian Agricultural Bank is coming into the Russian market. Its authorized capital is 1,4 billion rub.

“Chinaselkhozbank” is a 100% subsidiary bank of the Agricultural Bank of China and according to its assets (($2,4 trn.), it ranks among 10 of the global banks.

As of the first half of the year 2014, a joint advances portfolio was $1,3 trn., deposits – $2 trn., overdue indebtedness – 1,24%. Net profit for the mentioned period was $16,9 billion, net interest margin – 2,93%.    

According to the results of the meeting of the President of the Union A. Mordovin and the Direction of the bank, lending facilities for Russian agricultural enterprises will be included into the service list (it is contained in the License of the Central Bank that will be received soon).

In October 11, 2014, 18th meeting of 18th Russian-Chinese Commission for Preparing Regular Summit Conferences was held in Sochi. On the part of the Ministry of Agriculture there were the Deputy Minister A. Volkov and his Chinese colleague, the Vice Minister Niu Dun. It bears noting that the project of our Union “Beijing Program” is the only one agricultural project of two countries, approved by the Commission and thanks to our activity there was also created the Agricultural Sub-Commission.

The Deputy Chairman of the Russian Government D. Rogozin noted in his final speech:

“Now we are talking about agricultural prospects. We are greatly interested in cooperation and creation of mutual projects in high-technology industries. It will open directions that have been defined by our leaders”.

In October 10, 2014 there was the VI International Research and Practice Conference “Barley, Malt, Hops & Beer in Russia”. Our partners – representatives of China National Research Institute of Food and Fermentation Industries took part in this event. Dr. Guo Danyang, the Deputy Director of the Department of the Institute made a point of receiving of the final accreditation for the Omsk Region as a crop supplier to PRC, confirmed the intention of Chinese malt and brewing companies to purchase Russian malting barley and also informed that under the project “Beijing Program” a large delegation from PRC – 15 representatives of the industry is planning to visit Moscow in November.

The Head of the Department for Plant Production, Chemicalization and Protection P. Chekmarev awarded the best representatives of the production chain “malting barley – beer”, emphasizing the necessity for the renewal of the domestic hop production:

The Note of Acknowledgement of the Federal Council Committee on Agrarian and Food Policy and Environmental Management was given to Bondarev Pavel Victorovich, the President of LLC “UK ACB”.

With great interest, participants of the Conference listened the reports of V. Erlikh, the Minister of Agriculture of the Omsk Region, P. Skurikhin, the President of the National Union of Grain Producers who reported about the current situation in the grain market in Russia and the modern investment methods in agriculture and also a report and a film of the company “Bayer”: “Bayer innovations – a new approach in agriculture”.

The final presentation of the President of the Union A. Mordovin contained detailed information about the system «End-Point-Royalty» that, in case of successful implementation, will solve the key problems of the Russian plant breeding and production.

A photo report of the Conference

Conference Presentations


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