Government Commission has been established – Thanks much! Address of the Minister of Agriculture to A.G. Khloponin (2014-11-17)

According to the Government Decree dd.11.11.2014 № 1185 the Government Commission for Competitive Growth and Alcohol Market Regulation has been created.

You can find the Government Decree by reference.

Khloponin A.G., the Deputy Chairman of the RF Government and a curator of the alcohol industry chaired the Commission.

Alexander Khloponin is known as a hardline manager capable to perform and solve the most important tasks of the Government.

It bears reminding that after the First Deputy Chairman of the Government Victor Alexeyevich Zubkov, this post was held by Arkady Vladimirovich Dvorkovich who wasn’t famous for his rough temper.

On behalf of Barley, Malt, Hops & Beer Union we congratulate Alexander Khloponin on his success!

Establishing of the Government Commission was one of the first key steps towards controlling of the Russian alcohol market.

Representatives of legislative and executive authorities and security agencies – the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Russian Federal Security Service etc, joined the Commission, granted a special status to it and opened additional opportunities for the counteraction of illegal alcohol market, including brewing.

Members of the Commission are available here.

Earlier, there was another Government Commission chaired by V.A. Zubkov, created by the Chairman of the Government V.V. Putin who considered the problems of alcohol market to be very important.

“The alcohol market has many problems – the major problem doesn’t lie in foregone earnings of the public purse, the question is low quality alcohol, so called “counterfeit vodka” that harms to health,” Putin said. Besides, he added that great earnings of the shadow market “breed corruption and crime”.

This situation is similar to the brewing industry.  

Our Union sent many requests to the Government of the RF concerning resuming of activities of the Commission and paying attention to the development of the illegal brewing market. We are sure that the Government Commission will manage to draft countermeasures for the shadow beer market and make it possible to put into effect rational legislative initiatives, earlier, blocked by representatives of the Ministry of Industry and Trade and the Ministry for Economic Development.

The question of using malt in beer is one of the mentioned above. We are glad that the Minister of Agriculture of the RF N.V. Fedorov supported our Union activity and sent a letter to A.G. Khloponin expressing his hope for strengthening of legislative provisions. You can find address of the Minister by reference.

Letters (support of malt use in beer) from regions to D.A. Medvedev and A.V. Dvorkovich.

Address to the Deputy Chairman of the Government of the RF A.G. Khloponin:

Letter from the Minister of Agriculture of the RF N.V. Fedorov;

Letter from the Chairman of the Council of the Federation Committee for Agrarian and Food Policy and Environmental Management G.A. Gorbunov;

Letter from the Governor of the Voronezh Region A.V. Gordeev;

Letter from the Governor of the Kursk Region A.N. Mikhailov;

Letter from the Deputy Chairman of the Government of the Orlov Region V.F. Novikov;

Letter from the Minister of Agriculture of the Saratov Region A.A. Solovyev;

Letter from the Minister of Industry, Science and Technology of the Tver Region E.E. Vozhakin;

Letter from the Chairman of the Cabinet of the Chuvash Republic I.B. Motorin.

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