How are National-betrayers alcoholizing Russia and who will stop Fifth Column? (2015-02-26)

Alcoholism in Russia and dibutylphthalate poison is a very serious problem. It stands to reason that the State Duma, supported by all fractions and the Government, prohibited sale of beer in PET-containers exceeding 0,5l. in June last year.

But there are some persons who argue against. For example, a text of the org man Shulika of the “Democratic choice Party”.

This text is a bright example of lackey intellection of our pseudo-westerners. The author tells about a letter of “ambassadors of the civil countries – Denmark, Holland, Belgium”, followed by undermeaning that Russia is uncivil.

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The author offers the way out – to throw up cards, to go on hands and knees to a “white mister” and do everything he’ll order. He explains that it is a “Chance” for our country. I thought that nobody would fall for these fairytales, but there were some fans.

Our liberal is not eager to heed the voice of reason. He spits upon tests of many serious scientific, medical institutions and Orthodox Church.

What arguments can be produced to allow transnational companies to poison Russians? Shulika answers: earnings to the budget and job vacancies. It bears noting that all profit is moved abroad, plants are closed and now representatives of transnational companies are completing the project directed to destroying of the Russian brewing industry. Moreover, those Soviet plants that were killed by “good foreign companies”, brewed high quality beer adding malt but not chemicals. We observed it in Kazakhstan where from 1998 PET containers were prohibited but brewers continued operating.  

Crackpot ideas of Shulika and some liberals are clear. But you feel uncomfortably, realizing that some liberals in the Government are ready to go on hands and knees and execute any command in order to please “civil countries”, hoping that they will not create any new sanctions or lift existing.

What else will “civil representatives” desire? For example, Shulika is praising some bodies, who helped to cancel commuter trains in the Russian regions and complained bitterly that V.V. Putin, personally, stopped this sabotage. Could the scenario be the same in the brewing industry?

In conclusion, I’d like to address to public bodies, responsible for the brewing industry:

The Deputy Chairman of the Government of the RF Khloponin Alexander Gennadyevich, The Deputy Chairman of the Government of the RF Golodets Olga Yuryevna, The Deputy Chairman of the Government of the RF Dvorkovich Arkady Vladimirovich, Health Minister Skvortsova Veronika Igorevna, the Minister of Industry and Trade Manturov Denis Valentinovich, The Minster of Finance Siluanov Anton Germanovich, the Minister for Economic Development Ulyukaev Alexey Valentinovich, the Minster of Agriculture Fedorov Nikolay Vasilyevich, the Head of the Anti-Monopoly Service Artemyev Igor Yuryevich, the Head of the Anti-Monopoly Service in terms of alcohol market regulation Chuyan Igor Petrovich, the Head of the Federal Service for Consumers’ Right Protection Popova Anna Yuryevna.

Please, show the way of the true national mentality and responsible people health concerns!

Political expert Danilin Pavel

National News Agency

Note: Author’s opinion can differs from the position of Barley, Malt, Hops & Beer Union.

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