Beer – a tool for warmongering and hurting of Russians’ feelings (2015-03-30)

We have already told that beer is linked with economics as well as politics, it influences on social and moral public life. And again, we have a gut feeling.

Recently, in December 28, 2014, a brewery-restaurant “Truth. Beer Theatre.” belonging to the chain restaurants “!Fest” (Emotion Holding “!Fest”) has been opened in Lvov.

A few days ago, this company achieved notoriety among brewing and other communities. They gained “popularity” for belching (this verb is best suited for this context) from their chaps a product with a sticker hurting the feeling of not only Russian people but all normal human beings.  

Disgustingly, rudely and no doubt, criminally liable and not only within Russian and international rules, but also Ukraine norms, if they existed.

What happened?

Once upon a time there were three fellows in Ukraine: Andrushko (Khudo), Yurko (Nazaruk) and Dmitro (Gerasimov).

 Полноэкранная запись 30.03.2015 100738.bmp

Here they are – macho – prototypes of modern “Marks – Engels – Lenin”. Though, not a belief in clear communist future united them but an itch for making market of warmongering between Russia and Ukraine.

One of creators – a former editor of unpopular newspaper, others – from “Galnaftogas” belonging to European Bank for Reconstruction and Development and International Finance Corporation from the chain of the World Bank.

They are hardly oligarchs but not poor boys, were not in the army, not timid but had a common passion – to open creative restaurant projects with original conceptions.

The first project was very creative – Lvov restaurant «Kriivka» where on entering the restaurant there is Mr. Somebody with a gun and if you are eager to visit this restaurant you must answer some questions, for example “Are you Moskal?”

Restaurant walls are decorated with petroleum lamps and guns – a real museum of the army of OUN and UPA. On the roof of the building there is an anti-aircraft mount. Every day, at 21:00, light is switched off, three fighters of UPA with a photo of “moskal” are coming in to the hall. Guided by the photo, they are catching any visitor, move upstairs, after that a string of bursts sounds.

 Полноэкранная запись 30.03.2015 100743.bmp

A flow of creative ideas, champagne splash and a masterpiece of fruitful brains…

What do you say? So, other projects of these brothers were also extraordinary – for example, “Mazokh – café”, “Massonskaya lozha” etc. Restaurants “Ginza Project”, “Filimonov and Yankel” or Novikov Group are not a patch on mentioned.

There is no need to think and sweat the details – someone can make money on primitive feelings, nationalism and humiliation of a defenseless person in case others are enjoying.

 Полноэкранная запись 30.03.2015 100747.bmp

For example, a fighter Andrushko (Khudo) is popping one more business idea.

Andrushko, please, send a new photo. We believe that instead of a pistol carbine, Schmeisser will be better plus a helmet M35 or M40, popular among black-shirts.

Unfortunately, neither in Lvov nor in Ukraine there was a person who stopped so brave restaurant-keepers. And the last project among a caravan of hot rave was a brewery “Truth. Beer Theatre”.

May be they junked up, it was not clear but dads of beer brand “Truth” were thinking over for a long time how to combine three different in meaning words: a theatre, beer and truth… May be in the following way:  

Falseness of Ukraine political theatre is sinking in the truth from over consumption of beer”.

They created a brewery, purchased equipment and hired an outsider – Belgian brewer Olivier Huens from Brasserie de la Senne and while he has been reaching Lvov, creators began selling Belgian beer.

 Полноэкранная запись 30.03.2015 100757.bmp

Belgian has arrived, began working and teaching a local brewer Dmitro Zalevsky. As a result beer was rather crappy. We didn’t taste it but comments of facebook visitors speak for themselves:

 Полноэкранная запись 30.03.2015 100829.bmp“Bad service, small beer choice and there is only affected pathos”
“Vapid food, low quality beer”
Vitalii Bondarenko
“Beer is very bitter, I had hardly drunk 0,25l. So, if there is a free place with a Square view and other beer brands, then you may stay, in other case, I don’t recommend”.
Beer price was the lowest: 16 hryvnia, 40 rub. But there were no hordes of people.   
So, dads – creators took up the reins. They decided to attract attention by hurting Russians, our President. They made a cruddy sticker on beer and sent to our President two days ago. Sorry, colleagues, we wanted to pull in, but couldn’t, they ruffled our feelings…

Полноэкранная запись 30.03.2015 100852.bmp

We are at a loss of words but we’ll try to be politically correct, we are not waiting for regrets from you – Andrushko (Khudo), Yurko (Nazaruk) and Dmitro (Gerasimov) but we’ll present you with a black spot. We appeal to world brewing community to remove mentioned creators from the list of raw materials and equipment purchasers. It is firstly.

 Полноэкранная запись 30.03.2015 100904.bmp

Secondly, to check you for bravery or may be you belong to a clan of “Jeanneke Pis”; we invite you to fire a Makarov gun or Kalash or Schmeisser with the President of our Union A. Mordovin. Our grand fathers could do it and we’ll pull off (
We respect our President, do you envy? And our Russia is a great country. We’ll stand up for our country and our President. Our advice – not to go beyond all reasons, stay near your mums’ tits. The dogs bark, but our Russian caravan moves on, study world history, it cannot be stopped.  

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