Seed Farming Act: a final version. (2015-04-06)

According to the Instruction of the Government No ВЗ-П11-1777 dd. 25.03.2010 concerning implementation of the modern seed farming system and its improving, the Ministry of Agriculture drafted the Federal Law “On Seed Farming Act Amendments and other Enactments of the Russian Legislation”.

Amendments touch on the following items:

– introducing of new varieties and hybrids to the stream of commerce, according to the Food Security Doctrine of the Russian Federation;

– monitoring for the purpose of consumers’ right protection;

– rules for production of original and pre-basic seeds, defining of varietal and sowing characteristics.

Draft Bill 16.09.13

Explanatory Note 16.09.13

Financial explanation 16.09.13

A list of Acts 16.09.13

Regulatory legal acts 16.09.13

Government Decree 16.09.13

Explanatory Note 16.09.13

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