PET prohibition: Thank you! (2015-04-15)

In March 12, 2015 the President of the Union Alexander Mordovin approached the President of the RF Vladimir Putin with a letter No85 “PET prohibition: pardon impossible to execute” (full text of the letter is here) requesting to charge the Government of the RF with a task to explore the question concerning limiting of PET use:

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“Our Union, from the moment of its creation, raised a question concerning limiting of PET use. Several requests to legislative and executive authorities and present researches (in enclosure) don’t yield the desired outcome and we are not sure that these limits will be introduced.

We ask you to write a comma in the right position in the well-known Russian expression “PET: pardon impossible to execute” and charge the Government of the RF with a task to work over the issue.”

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Full set of documents grounding the necessity of PET prohibition is available by reference.

As opposed to the Government policy focused on dealcoholizing of Russian people, supported by our Union and formulated in the State Anti-Alcohol Conception and personally V.V. Putin, transnational companies and their Embassadors – Belgian, Danish and Holland were promoting PET use and their cheap enzymatic cocktails.

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You can find Embassadors’ letters by reference:

We’d like to thank you the President of the RF and the Government for supporting our Union’s position and attention to activities of the companies belonging to the production chain “malting barley-beer”.

The Government of the RF studied the question concerning PET limiting additionally and as a result approved the Draft Bill No 280796-6 “Concerning the State Regulation of Production and Circulation of Alcohol and alcohol consumption limiting. (Government comments are here):

“Taking into account the fact that the draft bill has already passed the first reading in June 10, 2014, the Government of the RF is offering to switch to production of alcohol in plastic containers not exceeding 1,5 l. from July 1, 2016.

For the purpose of implementation of the national policy directed to lowering of alcohol abuse level, the Government of the RF is offering a phased changeover to alcohol production in 0,5 l. plastic containers in future”.

In April 25, 2012, our Union has already taken the lead in introduction of two-year transition period within the meeting of the First Deputy Chairman of the RF V.A. Zubkov (refer to documents of the meeting)and in 2014 asked the Government to set two year transition period till July 2016  

We believe that this period (in total, four years) is enough for re-equipment of brewing productions, moreover we have information that some large companies has already purchased new filling lines, realizing inevitability of PET prohibition. 

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