BevialeMoscow 2015 – a new phase in alcohol industry environment (2015-05-15)

Russian alcohol industry unites not only alcohol producers, brewers, wine or vodka makers, but, firstly, it is a common material and technological base for all alcohol producers created by thousands of domestic agricultural producers, manufactures of basic equipment for beer, wine, vodka and other alcohol products (starting from water treatment line to production, filling and packing of final production). It bears noting that one workplace in the alcohol industry creates, in average, 10 workplaces in related sectors.

Any industrial sector, including alcohol, can’t be imagined without a professional exhibition – an event gathering all representatives of the alcohol industry in one place, followed by demonstration of technological advancements, communication of business and science representatives, experts, specialists and directors, holding of forums, seminars, contests and awarding of the best representatives of the industry etc.

Unfortunately, until quite recently, alcohol industry couldn’t display a joint exhibition arrangement and most of Russian companies visited an annual Trade Fair «BrauBeviale» running in Nurnberg during 50 years. It is worth mentioning that «BrauBeviale» is an exhibition for alcohol producers being visitors but not exhibitors.

The first international trade fair in Russia covering the entire beverage production and marketing value chain will take place from 6 to 8 October 2015 in “Crocus Expo” in the form of Beviale Moscow with the help of Barley, Malt, Hops & Beer Union, Viticulturists and Winemakers Union, supported by one of the largest exhibition operators “NuernbergMesse”. Beviale is a derivative of two words Beverage and Alcohol.

All in all, the exhibition shall be an important platform for implementation of the state strategy focused on development of the alcohol industry, prescribed by Anti-Alcohol Conception, Food Safety Doctrine, Government Program for Development of Agriculture and Regulation of Agricultural, Raw-materials and Food Markets 2014-2020; arrangement of conditions for import phase-out and expanding of export potential.

All interested companies and Unions are welcome for cooperation within Organizing Committee of the Fair “BevialeMoscow” with participation of legislative and executive authorities.

Leading companies of the industry – KHS, Barth, Krones, Salm and others confirmed their attendance. Barley, malt, Hops & Beer Union will take part in the fair with a stand representing all links of the production chain “malting barley – beer”. with a total area of 100 sq. m.

Thematic areas:

Raw Materials

›› Raw Materials and drinks as raw materials


›› Machinery and installations for beverage production and for filling and packaging beverages

›› Packaging materials and supplies, packaging ancillaries, closure systems

›› Automation and IT

›› Operating and laboratory equipment, process and auxiliary materials, beer refinement

›› Installations for energy, compressed air/gases, industrial safety, environmental protection


›› Conveying and loading technology, warehousing and picking systems, transport and material handling equipment and vehicles


›› Marketing and catering equipment

›› Services, institutes, research, media

Trade visitors:

Breweries, malthouses

I Mineral spring operations

I Manufacturers of alcohol-free drinks

I Dairies

I Spirits manufacturers

I Wine and sparkling wine producers

I Hotel and restaurant trade

I Speciality drink traders

I Wholesale beverage trade

I Engineers and planning offices.

You can download an official Press Release here.

An application for participation with a stand is here:

Option A: Raw Space (min. 27 m²)

Bring your own stand construction and give your presence the most individual look possible.

Option B: Shell Scheme Package (min. 9 m²)

Take organizer’s standard booth package and individualize it in size and look.

Please download the application for Option A/B as PDF here

International Beviale Pavilion

The easiest way and the fewest effort is to sign up for a booth inside the Beviale Pavilion. This includes a fully equipped 6 m² stand and  several additional services.

Please download the application form for the Beviale Pavilion as PDF here

Make yourself familiar with the on-site situation and pick your favorite available spot inside the hall.
Download the latest floor plan here: Beviale Moscow Hall Plan

Detailed information “BevialeMoscow” 2015 is available at

See you in Moscow!

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  1. A. Mordovin
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