Revision of “Procedure for seed disposal and transportation (2015-05-24)

The Ministry of Agriculture of the RF drafted the Departmental Act “Concerning Revision of the Order of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food of the RF” dd. 18.10.1999 No 707 “On Approval of Procedure for seed disposal and transportation”.

Corrections of the Order were applied in order to bring some points into line with legislation (points 1.2, 1.3., 1.4.) and also to remove some administrative barriers for carrying on entrepreneurial and investment business (points 2.1., 3.4., 5.2., 5.3., 6.2.9., 7.1., 11.1.2.).

These amendments were connected with necessity to protect consumers’ rights and introduce uniform requirements to disposal and transportation of seeds.

Persons, falling within the scope of the law:

Natural and legal bodies, without reference to ownership category and departmental identity, connected with seed production.

All corrections were made, taking into account international norms, proposals of the business community and executive authorities.

Some requirements were eliminated: a document, confirming varietal and sowing seed characteristics and a phytosanitary certificate (point 2.1); a container details (point 3.2); detailed methods of package sealing (point 3.4); use of similar containers (point 3.5), a supplier’s seal on the sticker (point 4.8.); information about the name and the reference number on the sticker (point 6.2.9.) and seeds category (point 6.2.11).  

The paragraph concerning non-admission of reusing of the container for seeds was added to the Point 3.2. Examples seem to indicate that it is not always easy to clean a container of some weed seeds and it can lead to impurity.

Size and form of the sticker allows putting information, its completeness and availability. It was offered not to spread these requirements to seeds in small containers for retail sales (point 5.2.).

Sticker colour was chosen according to international rules. It was offered not to spread these requirements to seeds in small containers for retail sales (point 5.3.).

Point 7.1. was also changed: a word combination “seed seller” was replaced to “seed producer or importer” in the second paragraph; “realization period” to “expiry date” in the seventh paragraph. Expiry date of seeds shall be three years from the packing date. Seeds packed and stored according to regulatory documents, approved by the Government, keep consumer performance within the prescribed period.

The word combination “state seed inspection” was replaced to “seed supplier” in the Point 11.1.2.

Approval of the Order will not followed by corrections in other enactments.

The Order obtained approval from the Federal Service for Veterinary and Phytosanitary Supervision.

You can find the Order by reference.  

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