A criminal case against Consumer protection agency (2015-06-23)

Who is it – a foreign agent – Consumer protection agency, also known as “Public control”?

Who is Mikhail Anshakov, known as the Chairman of this agency with a bright title and a fine front being a real nothing?

What is behind friendship between “Russian” Brewers’ Union and translational brewing business and why is a colourful expression “a man is known by his friends” suitable for two “great” Unions?    

Mr. Anshakov was one of the zealous supporters of “Russian” Brewers’ Union, an opponent of PET prohibition and the best friend of transnational brewing business. Dozens of letters were sent in the name of “Public control” and Consumer protection agency to the President of the RF Vladimir Putin, the State Duma and relevant ministries and agencies.

Fine words of Mr. Anshakov: “Danger of plastic containers for beer – a myth of vodka lobby, it will be dispelled soon; according to our source, there is no danger in use of PET”…

But words TRUTH and JUSTICE exist. Justice has been met. By requirements of the General Prosecutor’s Office, Russian communications provider blocked a website www.ozpp.ru at the territory of Russia.

By Marina Gridneva’s opinion, this decision was taken based on the inspection results of Federal Supervision Agency for Information Technologies and Communications. This site was blocked due to outrage. Moreover, materials for initiation of the criminal case were sent to the investigating authority.

Morality of this history is simple. It is necessary to add companies being active in politics and sponsored by transnational companies to the list of foreign agents and block their sites in order to teach not to do so. We are deeply indebted to our authorities for this political decision. We shall restrict influence of representatives of “fifth column” on Russian citizens as well as legislative and executive bodies.

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