Malt in beer: the Crimea and Sevastopol are returning to the native shore! (2015-07-09)

обращение меняйло к хлопонину 09072015 обращение бавыкина к хлопонину 09072015

The Governor of Sevastopol S.I. Menyaylo and the Deputy Chairman of the Council of Ministers of the Crimea E.G. Bavykina addressed the Deputy Chairman of the Government of the RF A.G. Khloponin with a request to prevent approval of the Technical Regulations “Concerning Brewing Production Safety” (on the wording: use of malt and unmalted raw materials in the ratio of 50%:50%) and to remain the Russian legislative provision, prescribing use of 80% malt in beer production.

It bears noting that 60 regions are supporting our Union’s aim and most of them stand for introduction of German brewing standards and division of beer in four categories depending on proportion of malt in beer production with required marking on the sticker:

«Beer 100%»
100% malt beer,
without enzymatic agents
«Beer 80%»
80% of malt and more,
without enzymatic agents
«Beer 50%»
50% of malt and more,
with enzymatic agents
Beer-based beverage
less than 50% of malt,
with enzymatic agents

So, longstanding debates concerning belonging of some foreign beer brands to beer-based beverages will come to nothing. And if corresponding legislative changes are approved, this brand will be marked as BEER with a note about malt proportion.

The Crimea and Sevastopol are welcome to the native shore, Home!

Thank you for support!

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