Beviale Moscow 2015 will start in 35 days! 95% of exhibit area is sold! Four exhibitions in one place! (2015-08-30)

We’d like to inform you that International Beverage Trade Fair “Beviale Moscow 2015” will start in 35 days. General partners of the exhibition are Barley, Malt, Hops & Beer Union and German Independent Brewers’ Union.

It bears noting that an official Government delegation  is planning to visit the Trade fair in October 8, 2015 in Crocus Expo for opening “Golden Autumn 2015”.

The largest companies from 50 countries have already taken a decision to participate in the event. Among them are:

JSC “Belsolod”, Birkner GmbH & Co KG, Buhler AG, Caspari GmbH, Celli S.p.A., DEMO Srl, Italy, Draft Craft, Factory Doctor Guber, Fermentis Division of S.I. Lesaffre, Grain Rus Russia, Haffmanns BV Netherlands, House of Brewery Equipment, HVG Hopfenverwertungsgenossenschaft e.G., Joh. Barth & Sohn GmbH & Co. KG, KHS GmbH, KPOHEC AG, Malterie Soufflet Saint-Petersburg, MBS Rus, Micro Matic, Mirbeer Russia, NPM Group, PREMIUM Breweries, Pentair Food & Beverage Netherlands, Polifiltr Ltd., Pro-resurs, Rausch, RikaPro, O. Salm & Co GmbH, Samara Malt, Sekado, Simon H. Steiner Hopfen GmbH., Strategy XXI Ltd., Südmo Holding GmbH, Ventar TD Ventar, Technofilter, VILARDA GOLD Ltd., Yakima Chief Hopunion LLC, Yumda GmbH Germany, etc.

Over 95% of exhibition area (firstly central spaces in the pavilion Crocus Expo) is sold.

You can find all information about free space and registered exhibitors here.

You can download an official Press Release here.

An application for participation with a stand:

Option A: Raw Space (min. 27 m²)

Bring your own stand construction and give your presence the most individual look possible.

Option B: Shell Scheme Package (min. 9 m²)

Take organizer’s standard booth package and individualize it in size and look.

Please download the application for Option A/B as PDF here

International Beviale Pavilion

The easiest way and the fewest effort is to sign up for a booth inside the Beviale Pavilion. This includes a fully equipped 6 m² stand and several additional services.

Please download the application form for the Beviale Pavilion as PDF here

Make yourself familiar with the on-site situation and pick your favorite available spot inside the hall.
Download the latest floor plan here: Beviale Moscow Hall Plan

Detailed information “Beviale Moscow” 2015 is available at

It bears noting that now an exhibition Russian Hospitality Week 2015 – the largest exhibition devoted to hotels, restaurant equipment, food, shops and storage equipment is taking place in Crocus Expo. Holding of two large exhibitions at the same time and place will provide opportunity for Beviale Moscow exhibitors to display their products to representatives of the restaurant business, for example, equipment for mini breweries.

An additional reason for visiting Moscow is XVII Russian agricultural exhibition “Golden Autumn” in October 8-11, 2015 in Crocus Expo.

Golden Autumn – the largest agricultural exhibition opening floodgates together with Beviale Moscow and Russian Hospitality Week.

10th exhibition «AgroTec Russia 2015» devoted to agricultural transport and equipment will also take place in October 7-10, 2015 in “BDNKH”.

See you in Moscow near a joint stand of Barley, Malt, Hops & Beer Union, Viticulturists and Winemakers’ Union, German Independent Brewers’ Union and the Union of Grain Producers!

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