Meeting of the leaders of branch Unions with the Minister Alexander Tkachev: will brewers be again in the Ministry of Agriculture? (2015-08-19)

In August 18, 2015 the Minister of Agriculture of the RF Alexander Tkachev held a business meeting with leaders of the key branch Unions.

Heads of Unions-partners of the Trade Fair Beviale Moscow – Lyudmila Manitskaya, Alexander Mordovin, Leonid Popovich and Pavel Skurikhin took part in the meeting.

Alexander Mordovin expressed his gratitude to the Minister for support of winegrowing in the country:

“There is nothing more terrible than broken production chains – from a field to the shelves (back in the day – an integral chain “malting barley – beer”), when there is no unified state centre for accepting of decisions, when different Government authorities with mutually exclusive aims, are controlling and regulating industry.

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Alexander Nikolayevich, you could achieve a far-reaching decision for Russian viticulturists and wine makers – to pass questions concerning regulation of wine production, made of natural raw materials to the Ministry of Agriculture but to confer the right to the Federal Service for Alcohol Market Regulation to control brewing products circulation.

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We’d like to cooperate with you and Russian wine makers and even seating at the meeting was planned: I’m seating with Leonid Popovich, the President of Viticulturists and Winemakers, our partners and friends. On behalf of Russian agricultural producers and independent brewers, I ask you to study an issue concerning transfer of rights to the Ministry of Agriculture in terms of regulation of small and medium brewing productions by analogy with wine industry. A number of legislative and executive authorities are ready to support this issue”.    

According to the results of the meeting, the Minister expressed the confidence that a constructive dialog and a team-work of the Government and expert community will help to meet targets.


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