The contest “Moscow Quality”: Alexey Rubtsov presented an award to “Ochakovo” (2015-11-16)

Winners of the competition of the best products and services “Moscow Quality-2015” have been chosen.

In November 12, during the World Quality Day, the Moscow Chamber of Commerce and Industry held a solemn ceremony of awarding the winners of the contest for the best goods and services “Moscow Quality-2015”. The contest was organized by the Moscow Chamber of Commerce and Industry, with the participation of the newspaper, “Evening Moscow”, the support of the Bank of Moscow and the auspices of the Moscow State Duma.

The main objective of the contest “Moscow Quality” is to promote the quality of goods and services produced in Russia and sold in Moscow.

From July 9th to 25th of October, 2015, on the MCCI’s website, Muscovites voted for the best food products made in Russia and sold in Moscow.

The primary list of the goods for popular voting has been made on the basis of research of the consumer market which is conducted by the Synovate Comcon Company. However, the opinion of Muscovites was specifically considered during the course of voting.

The voters had the opportunity to add their own choices of products or stores, which they considered the best.
Trademarks, originally not included in the voting list, but with the highest number of votes in the ballot, were included in the general list in September 18, 2015.

Two of the added brands – Myasnov and Izbyonka – entered the list of finalists in their categories, and the Expert Council established a special category of the contest “People’s Choice” for them.

Also, a special nomination “For the Will to Win” noted the Vkusnoteevo trademark: in all nominations, in which the brand participated, it took second place.

A partner of the contest “Moscow Quality”, the law firm “Gorodissky & Partners”, has founded its own nomination “Keeping up with the times” – especially for the brand «Myasnov».

The resulting votes came up with three finalists for each nomination, with the Expert Council chosen the winners. The CEO of Barley, Malt, Hops & Beer Union Alexey Rubtsov presented an award  – a winner’s diploma “Moscow Quality” for the nomination “Kvass” to the Head of CJSC “Ochakovo” Yury Antonov. It bears noting that winners of the contest “Moscow Quality” will be able to use an official logo of the contest “Moscow Quality” in the labeling of their products and service centers.

Рубцов вручает диплом Очаково

It is also worth noting that Barley, Malt, Hops & Beer Union is a partner of the contest “Moscow Quality” and the President of the Union Alexander Mordovin, a food quality expert of the Scientific and Research Center “Weihenstephan” of the Munich Technical University, is a member of the expert council of the mentioned contest.

The winners of “Moscow Quality-2015” are:

Groceries Category
Frozen foods
-Vareniki (dumplings) «Ot Palycha»
– Pelmeni (Meat dumplings) – «Ostankinskie»
– Blini – «Ostankino»
– Dough – «Zviozdnoe»

Yogurts and yogurt products
– Drinking yogurt «Aktivia»
– Thick yogurt – «Aktivia»

Kvass – «Ochakovski» 

Sausages and meat delicacies – «Ostankino»

Canned goods
– Stewed meat – «Glavprodykt»
–  Canned vegetables – «Uncle Vanya»

– Instant – «Carte Noire»
-Ground – «Carte Noire»

Mayonnaise – «Moscow Provancal»

Macaroni and pasta – «Makfa»

Mineral and drinking water – «Svyatoy Istochnik» («Holy Spring»)

Milk and milk products
– Sour cream «Prostokvashino»
-Milk – «Prostokvashino»
– Кefir – «Prostokvashino»
– Cottage cheese – «Danissimo»
– Cottage cheese without additives – «Prostokvashino»
– Granulated cottage cheese – «Prostokvashino»

Ice cream – «Baskin Robbins»

Meat and poultry – «Petelinka» 

Juices and fruit drinks – «Reach»

Processed cheeses – «Hohland»

Tea – «Greenfield»

– Candies sold by weight – «Bars Rot Front»
– Chocolate bars – «Babaevski»
– Chocolate candy in boxes – «Rafaello»

The President of the Moscow Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Mikhail  Kuzovlev, said at the awarding ceremony : «”Moscow quality contest” is not commercial. Neither entrance fees nor any other contributions were solicited or collected.
Independence and impartiality of the contest were the main criteria for organizers. All finalists, invited to the awards ceremony, made a significant contribution to mitigating import substitution in the food market.
And judging by the feedback that comes to us in the Moscow Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Muscovites are very grateful to them for it».

The Senior Vice President of the MCCI, Vladimir Platonov, said: «Beginning the competition, we hoped to add a new element in the system of the public control of Muscovites over the life of their city.
Time has shown that we are on the right track. Henceforth, the contest “Moscow Quality” will be held annually.
The MCCI has already received numerous requests from manufacturers wishing to participate in the contest in the future. It is becoming more popular, and participation for companies – prestigious. Now our task is to make the sign of the «Moscow Quality» as a symbol of the best, most popular products and services».

The Chairman of the Moscow Municipal Duma, Aleksey Shaposhnikov, said: “I am confident that Russian producers are capable of satisfying the demands of the most exacting Russian customers, and the element of competition which was introduced by this contest would only help to increase the quality of products”.

A member of the Board of OJSC “Bank of Moscow”, Tatiana Golodets noted: “The Bank of Moscow has traditionally supported projects focused on improving the quality of life for Moscow’s residents, and the contest “Moscow Quality “is such a project. We are pleased that, thanks to the contest and Muscovites’ reviews, the best quality food brands and chain stores were identified”.

Partners of the contest “Moscow Quality-2015”: OJSC “Bank of Moscow”,  Research Company “Synovate Comcon”, network of clinics “NEARMEDIC”, Law firm “Gorodissky and Partners”, the Association of Customer Loyalty and Customer-centricity (CLIC).

Special partners of awarding ceremony: Silver factory “ArgentA” and the Jewelry house FREYWILLE.

Partners of the  festive buffet: “Ochakovo” company, National Food Group “Gardens Pridonya”, “Dymov”, “Baskin Robbins”, Group of companies “Luding” ,Top Shot Group.


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