The Government meeting: USAIS (2015-12-10)

The President of Barley, Malt, Hops & Beer Union Alexander Mordovin took part in the meeting with the Deputy Chairman of the Government Alexander Khloponin concerning introduction of USAIS system in 2016. Representatives of enterprises, labor unions and associations connecting with alcohol production and circulation took part in the meeting. 

According to the Federal Law No 182 dd. 29.06.15 “Concerning amending of the Federal Law “On the Government regulation of alcohol production and circulation and limiting of alcohol consumption”, it is planning to introduce USAIS system for wholesalers from January 1, 2016 and for retail companies – from July 1, 2016.

Within the meeting, participants of the alcohol market suggested to fix a preparatory test period for this system in order to get their work on the right track.

The Deputy Chairman of the Government Alexander Khloponin noted that the Government was ready to make advances to representatives of the alcohol market and approve the mentioned preparatory three month period from the moment when these instructions come into effect, in case of entering the system. It is also planning to run the meeting, devoted to the results of USAIS system.

Representatives of the Federal Service for Alcohol Market Regulation expressed confidence that this system will provide trouble-free service for subscribers. At the present time, 1141 wholesalers of 1680 and over 20 thousand of retail companies that is equal to 10% of the retail market, entered the system.

Participants of the meeting also touched other problems, including the use of a “mirror-like” mark. Alexander Khloponin noted that the system of marks production shall be renewed, taking into account modern technologies.

The Deputy Chairman of the Government also informed that the Government Commission for Alcohol Market Regulation and Improvement of Competitiveness will draw up measures directed to the strengthening of responsibility for alcohol sale without a license. By opinion of Alexander Khloponin, this work shall be actively supported by Heads of the entities of the RF. 

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