Will Beer festival BigCraftDay be prohibited? (2016-05-27)

Our Union has been receiving many calls concerning holding of beer festival BigCraftDay-2016 from Moscow public and state organizations in coming days.

We inform you that Barley, Malt, Hops and Beer Union has nothing to do with holding of this event.

Also, we’d like to add, that supporting independent brewing business and being a driver of legislative amendments, we are opposed to beer festival BigCraft Day 2016. To our opinion, organization of a huge beer festival with number of visitors, exceeding tens of thousands of people without approval of the Moscow Mayoralty, in the very centre of the city, in the Guest house at Ilyinka st., near the Presidential Administration, the Ministry of Finance and other state institutions, during holding of many official festive events, can attract extremist groups, cause scandals, blowing up by mass media, including foreign representatives.   

Organizers of beer festivals from other regions hold their arrangements far from the city, at closed areas with organized transfer. One of the best examples – “Altaifest”.

We’d like to remember that beer festivals were prohibited in 2010 in Moscow and in St.-Petersburg in 2013. It’s interesting to note that tens of millions rub. have been transferred from the budget to supporting of “International beer festival” and resulted in misuse of public funds.

According to the competent sources, the Moscow Mayoralty, due to requests of public organizations: the Chairman of the Moscow Committee of Veterans V.A. Zakidkin, the Head of the Alcohol Policy Development Centre P.S. Shapkin (copies of requests are in the Union), will study legitimacy of this beer festival.  Besides, some requests were sent to  the Moscow Prosecutor’s Office.

Скриншот 20.05.2016 93758.bmp-001Whatever the result, organizers of BigCraftDay 2016 as “One Ton”, “Velka Morava” and “Stammbeer” according to the information on the website) should rethink a format, place and time of festival holding.

Beer is alcohol and attraction of extra attention to the industry, followed by arising of certain problems is inappropriate. There is no need to render a bear’s service to all brewing industry, mentioning images of Red Squire, a monument “Worker and a Collective Farmer” and as for a symbol of the party “United Russia” – Brown bear, chewing a cone, it can elicit a smile of the representatives of the industry and a negative reaction of other citizens of the country. 

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