Alexander Baum

 Commercial Director in Rastal

• Since 2008 I am working in the sales team for mainly beer glasses for RASTAL. Starting as an Area Manager in North America, the cradle of Craft Beer.

• While supplying them with unique glasses I joined the way of many craft brewers to grow big like Samuel Adams US or Brewdog UK for example.

• Today I am responsible as Sales Director for the international sales of glasses at Rastal into 110 countries around the world.

• I am really passionate about beer and craft beer and well connected to the brewing industry from Iceland to New Zeeland and from Chile to Korea.

• I am visiting breweries and beer festivals and tastings all around the world (CBC USA, Beer Festival Blumenau Brasil, Brewing Show Kiev Ukraine, Barcelona Beer Festival Spain, Wroclaw Beer Festival Poland, SIBA Events UK …).

• I was Judge at the European Beer Star in Munich 2016

• I am the craft beer glassware ambassador for Rastal on an international level and do presentations at brewing events, fairs, at breweries to educate people to use a proper glass for premium beer, explain why this should be done, which glasses are the most suitable and which effect the shape and quality of a glass has on the beer and the tasting experience.

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