ROSGLAVPIVO – winners are known from Moscow up to border districts (2017-04-13)

Winners of the Russian brewing competition “ROSGLAVPIVO” – the Best Russian Beer, supported by the Ministry of Agriculture of the RF, note high marketing effect of the competition and its direct influence on sales of beer, having won in the competition.

Regional executive authorities and mass media have got information from our Union concerning names of winners. Thousands of links in the Internet and social networks and also information about the competition and its results on the websites of participating companies and retail outlets, restaurants and beer pubs strengthened the competition authority.



Regional, city and district administrations of our country congratulated winners of the competition with high estimates.

Government telegram Stavropol Region


Welcome letter of the Minister of Agriculture Tkachev A. N.

Brewing companies – winners of the competition, use great popularity of the brand “ROSGLAVPIVO” among citizens of our country and run successful campaign focused on attraction of visitors to their restaurants.

It bears noting that the second meeting of the Expert Jury and the stage “Expert tasting” will take place in February 2018 in Moscow. Foreign members are provided food, lodging and ground transportation at the location at organizers’ expense. Information concerning Expert Jury and their CV will be put on the section “Expert Jury” of the website

The date of holding of the Expert tasting ROSGLAVPIVO 2018 will be the same as the date of three-days International Conference “Barley, Malt, Hops and Beer of Russia” with support of the insurance company VSK in Krylatskoye: raw material and technical base for malt, brewing and distillery productions; supported by Munich and Berlin Technical Universities.

We’d like to offer companies to be sponsors of the competition (all conditions are individual) and all interested companies are welcome to participate in the competition!

Winners of the competition will be awarded within III International Beverage Trade Fair BevialeMoscow 2018.

Acceptance of applications for “ROSGLAVPIVO” has started!

If you file an application till 30th of September 2017, you’ll get 20% discount!

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