Official visit to Russia – BMU and China National Research Institute of Food and Fermentation Industries cooperation (2012-07-18)

The Barley and Malt Union has entered upon an active phase of implementation of the co-project sounded in spring 2011, which aims to organize malting barley production in Russia for exporting to China.

The Director of brewing department of CNRIFFI Mr. Deliang Wang was on an official visit to Russia from 9 to 13 of July. Together with the BMU representatives Mr. Deliang Wang visited Moscow brewing company, plant and malt house of OAO Baltika in Tula, plot variety trials of the company Soufflet Agrorus and BMU-Syngenta variety trials in Lipetsk region. During the visit malting barley samples of 2011 harvest were picked out for laboratory analysis at the enterprises of China malting and brewing industry.

In a solemn atmosphere the Vice-President of the BMU Belinsky B. I. presented Mr. Wang with the BMU membership Certificate in the BMU office (pictured).

A return visit of the BMU delegation to the PRC, as well as a meeting with representatives of China malting and brewing industry is projected for September. A visit will be paid within the China Brew & Beverage 2012 (19 to 22 September 2012) and the X-th International Brewing Conference Beijing (17 to 18 September 2012).

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