A New Union: Barley, Malt and Beer Union (2012-07-30)

After the RF Government meeting on April 25, 2012 the President of the BMU A. Mordovin, considering the need to promote the interests of Russian small and medium brewing businesses and to implement further steps to revive the national hop growing, as well as the state authorities responsible for brewing industry (history of the Barley and Malt Union establishment – http://barley-malt.ru/?page_id=11&lang=en), have decided to rename the Barley and Malt union as the Barley, Malt and Beer Union.

The procedure of re-registration was completed on July 19, 2012 with the decision of the Department of Justice of the Russian Federation No. 7614060085.

We invite the enterprises of small and medium brewing businesses to join the Union. Advantages of the Union membership – http://barley-malt.ru/?page_id=2230&lang=en

At the moment the following enterprises have already joined the Union: OAO Bryanskpivo, ZAO Ipatovsky pivzavod, OOO Braumaster, OOO Dvinskoe Proizvodstvo, OOO Avgustin, brewery Bamberg, OOO Bogerhaus.

– Open letter to the representatives of the production chain “malting barley-beer”: http://barley-malt.ru/?p=2060&lang=en

– Government Meeting on the issues of legislative and technical regulations of the production chain “malting barley – beer”: http://barley-malt.ru/?p=1719&lang=en

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